Puppy Love

They say having a puppy is a lot like having a baby, but I never really believed it until now.  We have had puppy Tebow since Saturday Dec. 31st, and since then I have learned so much about our little man.

First, he has the most insatiable appetite I have ever seen.

Munch Munch!

For being so little, Tebow absolutely loves to eat.  He gets fed 3 times per day, and he tends to eat every meal like it’s his last.  He can eat his whole meal within a couple minutes and he always comes begging for more.  Him and his litter of seven brothers came from North Carolina with worms and bodies of skin and bones.  I can’t help but be super proud of him every time he finishes his meals since he’s come so far and is growing into a strong and healthy puppy.

Second, he is so cheerful and likes to turn any little moment into playtime.

Wrestling with dad

He is getting pretty good at fetch, and chews his bones, toys… and unfortunately my couch, our shoes and many of my cookbooks.  It will definitely take time for him to realize what are his toys and what are not.  He is only 12 weeks old and has a lot to learn, but he is so sweet natured and knows when he’s in trouble for being bad by putting his head down and crawling into a ball.

"I Win"

Third, he can sleep at the drop of a hat.  It doesn’t matter who is around, if he is being held, or where he is at, the boy can literally pass out anytime and anywhere.

Catching some Z’s
Sleeping Beauty

It’s been fun so far watching him grow and learn.  However, he is a lot more to handle than I ever thought.  He really is just like a baby, besides the whole potty training outside thing.  He needs to be fed, cuddled, bathed, and loved.  We got woken up with his crying four times last night.  Although I am proud of him for waking us up to be taken outside, it is a lot to get used to and a lot of sleep lost.  I feel like it’s a great experience though and may help prepare us to be parents some day.  Can’t wait to learn more about him everyday.  One day I hope for him to become my running partner who looks forward to going out anytime and helping me train.  But until that day comes, I want to cuddle the pup as much as possible while he still fits on my lap!

Posing with mom.

Can’t wait to see what Tebow learns next!  Hopefully it is to slow down and enjoy meal time, or maybe it’s that my fingers and shoe strings are not chew toys.  Here’s to what’s to come!

Questions for the Readers-
Have you ever raised a puppy?  If so, what are some of the funny experiences you had and what tips/tricks did you pick up along the journey?

6 thoughts on “Puppy Love

  1. Looking forward to reading your blog! From one Janna to another ! PS do people ever ask you if the J in your name is silent? I find that very odd, I’m like no my name is not yanna…lol

  2. Having a puppy is A LOT like having a baby. We raised a Westie pup and the tips I can give you are give it structure! We “crate trained” Jackson, our pup. He knows “Get in your crate” and will go into it to sleep at night without a treat or anything. We used intermittent treats in the beginning to get him to do it, sometimes edible, sometimes just toys but now he knows it’s just routine. Best. Thing. Ever. We also took him to puppy class at petsmart. It trained us more than him, but he knows to sit at the door when he has to go out, “get in your crate”, “get in your bed/go night night” for his plush dog bed, “Go upstairs”, “Sit”, “Stay”, “Heel” etc. It was totally worth it.

    Also, the sour spray worked really well to stop him from chewing on things. Choose a word, we use “No!” when he does something that isn’t good and divert his attention to a toy or something else. He’ll get it quick.

    Consistence is key 🙂

    • Thanks for the advice! We are crate training Tebow as well and so far he is doing a really good job! What is in the sour spray? That is definitely something to look into because he doesn’t bark and goes to the bathroom outside, but his chewing is his downfall! 🙂

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