Splish Splash

..he was taking a bath!  Tebow that is, who had his first bath on Saturday.  It was quite the experience needless to say.  This little cutie went from smelling like a fresh puppy, to smelling like a dog within  a week  and we could “scents” he was ready for bath time.
What do you mean mom? I smell great!

We talked about just washing him in one of our bathrooms, but we decided to give a self-serve dog wash we had heard about a try instead.

Wash Your Dog!

We had drove by it quite a number of times, but didn’t know exactly what it was.  We visited the website and learned that for $13.95 we could wash Tebow ourselves and use the bathtub, towels, shampoo and brushes offered by the store.  It may seem a little steep for washing your dog, especially when we plan to go every few weeks and we could just wash him for free in our own bathroom.  However, when you estimate the time of cleaning your own tub, bathroom, towels and the expense for shampoo, brushes, etc, the price starts to look very reasonable! So we loaded up the car and went to give it a try.


Splish Splash, I was Taking a Bath!

 The poor little guy was really nervous about his first time, shaking and crying.  As far as Tim and I know, this was the only time he had ever been in water and he definitely didn’t know what to make of it!  We picked our shampoo from the options and used the Blueberry Face Wash offered, which was tearless and edible.The neck tie was kind of scary for me at first, but it worked out as a great way to hold him in the tub and was actually just like a collar and leash.

I would say that my one major complaint was that we couldn’t adjust the pressure of the hose or the dryer.  It may have been a little too much pressure for our little guy, and he was definitely scared of the dryer noise, but overall it worked out just fine!  

Almost done buddy!


So fresh and so clean!

Tebow’s first bath was a success and I am looking forward to all of his firsts.  Friday was his first leashed walk and he did pretty good!  He doesn’t quite understand how to be led, and enjoys zig-zagging in and out of your legs, but he will learn over time.  He is hilarious though and absolutely cracks us up! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Questions for the Reader:

How do your pets feel about bath time?  Hate it, or love it?
My parent’s dog, Lucky, absolutely hates baths.  She is afraid of water and I believe  knows when she is getting in the car to go to the groomer, and it’s not pretty!  I am always in awe of the dogs who love to swim and love water.  I have never experienced owning a dog like that who wants to be wet.  I was told labs love water and swimming, but so far Tebow is acting like he’s in the majority on that one!
What did you do this weekend?
This weekend was filled with being home, cleaning the house and the dog, going to my parent’s yesterday to watch football and eat appetizers, and church then the grocery this morning.  I plan on resting, making dinner, watching football and getting myself together for the start of another work week.  To earn some bonus points on our 3 month wedding anniversary, I would also like to say Go Broncos and Go Tebow! Not the pup, but the other one  🙂 ! 

19 thoughts on “Splish Splash

    • Thank you! He is a black lab. We think he is mixed with something else, but we aren’t sure what that could be! He was one of a litter of 7 brothers who came from North Carolina to our local rescue and adoption agency. My husband is a huge Broncos fan, hence the Tebow mania! 🙂

  1. Oh my, what a cute little puppy!! We take our golden retriever to a self-serve dog wash, and even after 8 years he still cries! I think the water pressure should be adjustable too, but other than that I feel like the pros outweigh the cons (as in washing him at home and cleaning the bathroom after).

    • Oh wow! I wonder why the whole water pressure issue seems to be a trend at those places? I couldn’t imagine if Tebow weighed even 5 pounds less than he does, it would have literally blown him away! I agree though, he didn’t seem to be in any pain (just didn’t want to be there!) so the pros outweigh the cons!

  2. Your creative writing skills are a joy to read. Tebow looked so fluffy after that blow dry. The blueberry face wash is something you would choose. I do wish Miss L would clean up that well. Great job.

  3. What a cutie Tebow is!
    For the weekend… lots of cleaning up around the house, lots of football on TV and a night in the town with friends. Too bad weekends are too short. I still think we should work 4 days and rest 3, don’t you think is a good balance for a week? 😉

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