Now I’m a Philosophizer

When I read health, fitness, nutrition, and cooking blogs, I like to know who the writer is as a person and what is his or her concept of healthy living .  I enjoy getting to know the blogger through their words since it allows me to fully understand where the writer is coming from when I interpret their advice and view points.

I have been reading Healthy Living Blogs for almost four years now.  I can’t remember how I even began reading them, but once I did, I was hooked!  I loved the way these blogs opened my eyes to a new way of eating and fitness.  The first two I ever read were the blogs of Kath and Tina.  Suddenly, it was no longer all about calorie intake, or calorie burn on the treadmill, it was about respecting my body and what I put into it. 

In high school and my early years of college, I used to check nutrition labels for calorie counts, or fat grams.  Now when I read these labels, I focus more on the number of ingredients, and whether or not I am able to pronounce them and know what they are.  I look for the amount of protein, calcium, and vitamins that are in my food, not how skinny the meal is going to make me.

Now I am not a perfect eater by any stretch of the imagination.  I love food and am not afraid to try anything I might like!  I am a dessert fiend, and love comfort foods of all kinds. 

For the most part though, I try and eat healthy about 75% of the time and try to find “better” alternatives to the food I love.  I want to feel good about myself and have the kind of energy I get from fueling myself properly. 

Regarding fitness, I am no Lance Armstrong or Jamie Eason.  I don’t like for exercise to be strictly used to burn calories, but love when it’s used to give me energy and help me to feel amazing.  I am sure I’m not the only one who has ever been working out and starts to think, “Only 2 more miles to get through and I will have burnt off that cookie”, or “I feel guilty about going out tonight so I will kill myself at the gym this afternoon.”  That’s not the way it should work folks!  When those thoughts slip into my head, I can already tell if I keep that up I will be in a bad mood the whole time.  I won’t want to be at the gym since it will feel like a burden and like something I have to do.  However, if I tell myself, “Speeding up this run for an extra 10 minutes, will help me become faster at running two miles,” or “If I lift weights today, I will build stronger bones and be able to pick up heavy things,” I will be more likely to enjoy myself because it won’t be a punishment, but a reward.

Here are a few facts about me and my life, health, nutrition and blog hopes:

1)  I have dessert after lunch and dinner everyday.  Whether it’s a single hershey kiss, a small scoop of light ice cream, or a cookie.  I allow myself to have what I want reasonably.  It keeps me happy and keeps me sane!  The more I tell myself I can’t have it, the more I want that treat!  Sometimes one bite is all I need to get the craving out of my system.

2)  I love starchy, white carbs and the bread baskets at restaurants are my downfall.  You will never hear me ask for no bread to be brought to the table.  I got this love from my mom and my grandma.  It’s genetic and something I share with two amazing women.  My list of best restaurant breads include:

  – O’ Charley’s Rolls    -Cheesecake Factory Brown Bread    -Red Lobster Cheese Biscuits  -Olive Garden Breadsticks and on and on!

The majority of the time though I stick to whole grains and healthy carbs, adding in  white carbs when I feel appropriate.

3)  I love taking unhealthy meals, and creating them in a new way.  Pizza, pasta, burgers, tacos, etc. can all be made in an updated healthy way that both myself and my family will enjoy.  My husband is not always into some of the nutritious food I love.

 I can’t blame him though, he is a meat and potatos man all the way!  That’s okay with me though, because he almost always at least tries what I make and he enjoys meals that I don’t.  It’s all about compromise and any meal he loves that I can make healthy and yummy for the both of us, is a winner to me!

4)  I now eat foods I never thought I would try.  Squash, plain greek yogurt, brussel sprouts, oatmeal, almond milk, etc. are all foods that have been brought to my attention because of blogging and I am so happy I know about them!  I now love them all and the way they make me feel inside and out.  I have learned many new ways to prepare ingredients and a variety of meal combinations to make them taste delicious.

Recipe and Information to come!

5)  This is not a “diet” blog.  Although I want to eat healthy foods and stay fit and active, I won’t be on a diet and I (more likely than not) won’t list everything I eat everyday.  I will share recipes (healthy and not so much), my life as a wife, stories about my dog, and everday occurrences and events.  I will talk about food and fitness, ingredient experiments, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  I will not include calories of my meals, unless I see fit.  I will not discuss in depth the amount of calories I eat per day, because I don’t even know! 

Main Priority: I will have fun and use this blog as an outlet for my love of creative writing.

Just remember though as my reader, no one is perfect, and I have days when I feel less than stellar too.  However, I try not to get down on myself and start again.  Food is just food.  Weight is just weight.  Exercise is just exercise.  What’s important to me is the time I spend with my family and friends, and the experiences I make when I am with them.  If I go to a new restaurant  I will get what I want, whether it’s healthy or not.  Who knows if I will ever be back there again?  But if I do, I will usually split with someone or eat half and save the rest for lunch the next day.  If my husband wants to go to a movie, but I was going to go to the gym.  I will take a deep breath and move on.  The gym will be there the next day, and in reality, what would I regret more:  Missing a date with my husband, or sweating at the gym?  I wasn’t always like this friends, I love control of situations and my schedule!  Slowly, but surely though, I have found the best balance for me.

11 thoughts on “Now I’m a Philosophizer

  1. I’ve been thinking about some of those things lately. Particularly like prioritizing workouts over other “life” things when it’s not always such a good idea. I enjoyed reading your philosophy! 🙂

  2. I just found your blog today and I absolutely love it! We have very similar views when it comes to health, food and fitness. It is soo refreshing to find someone who is concerned about overall health instead of the number on the scale.

    I am definitely going to keep reading 🙂

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