Tebow Adventures

I haven’t had a Tebow update in a while, so I thought I would let everyone see what he’s been up to lately!

003 - Copy (3)

1)  It is no secret that the boy is getting bigger everyday.  His little puppy bed was starting to look a silly with him laying in it.  He weighs 10 pounds more than he did when we adopted him and it was time for his bed to be upgraded.  However, Tebow decided we weren’t reacting fast enough, and he took matters into his own ‘paws.’

This is what we came home to one day this past week.

005 - Copy

002 - Copy (3) Rest in Peace Tebow’s first bed!

That’s right.  He tore his bed apart while we were at work, either because A) he was bored or B) he wanted to make a point he doesn’t want us to leave him.  How did we handle such bad behavior you may ask?



That’s right.  We bought him the Rolls Royce of dog beds.  Probably not the best parenting decision to reward bad behavior with a better bed, but supposedly it’s indestructible and we know he will grow into it.  We will see!  If this bed doesn’t make it through the wrath of Tebow though, he may be sleeping on just a blanket from then on out.


2)  Just when we thought he couldn’t possibly have any more energy, Mr. Tebow proved us wrong.  We sing “Wild Thing” now every time we enter a room with him, for obvious reasons.  He loves fetch and we bought him a set of peanut butter flavored tennis balls, and he goes crazy for them!  I will let my attempts at taking his picture speak for themselves..



002 - Copy (2)

003 - Copy

Obviously not as easy as it used to be!

3)  Tebow and I went on our first successful solo walk together!  Tim usually handles the leash, but today I took control.



I hope eventually he will be able to be my full-time running partner, but we were told not to run with him until his bones are fully developed.  Don’t tell him that though!  He wants to run so bad and pulls the leash so hard, I am afraid his collar is choking him. 


Does anyone have advice for this?  We thought about buying a harness leash, but we don’t know if it will solve the problem.  He did a great job on our way down of not pulling me along the street, but it seemed like on the way back he knew we were headed home and he wanted to get there fast!

4)  Tebow survived his second bath!  You may remember his first bath time was a little bit traumatic for our poor puppy.  We were afraid it would be worse this time, because he’d know what’s coming.


Get me out of here!! (lol that face is ridiculous!)

He actually did a lot better than last time!  The good news is too that we found out how to adjust the water and dryer pressure, so it was a little less powerful on his sensitive little body.




He came out fluffy, soft and smelling of blueberry face wash! 🙂

5)  Saturday marked 4 weeks since we got the little guy, we adopted him on New Year’s Eve to be exact.


Our first family picture.  The night we adopted him!

Never did I think I could possibly love a dog this much.  He is such a part of our family, that I already can’t remember what life was like without him!  He makes us laugh every day and we miss him whenever we leave the house.  He also tests our patience and has taught us what it’s like to take care of another life.  He starts puppy preschool this week, which I am sure will be amusing, hysterical, and a memory we will remember!



Tell me about your pet!  What things does he/she do that you love or drive you crazy?!

Anyone have any recommendations about leash training?

20 thoughts on “Tebow Adventures

  1. Aw Tebow is so cute! I am totally obsessed with dogs & my pug, Stewie, is really like my son! haha He is such a good dog & so low-maintence. He was also adopted!

    When my husband & I get a house we want to adopt a big dog too since that’s what we both grew up with. We’re thinking a German shepherd!

  2. Tebow is too cute! Dogs are seriously the best! I have 2 dogs (a golden retriever and a cavalier king charles spanel) and I am beyond obsessed with both of them! I am at college right now and they are home with my mom and I miss them SO much! They are both still puppies, and love each other so much its so cute! Duke (the golden) has more energy then any dog I’ve ever met..he constantly wants to play fetch its insane! And Lucy LOVES to cuddle..ugh I miss them!!

  3. Oh my gosh. Cutest thing in the woooorld!!!! I love it. I have a yorkie and he is only about 8 lbs at the most so we use a harness for him or else we would choke him to death. I used to have a black lab and a sheltie though and we just used a regular leash for them. Good luck! It will get easier. Just try to train him 🙂

  4. what a cutie tebow is!! puppies are a lot of work! we’ve had to replace numerous things thanks to our labs (a COUCH, several pairs of shoes, a couple softball mits, etc.). but on the other hand, it’s totally worth it in my opinion! our yellow lab is my full time running partner… he’s so much fun! it definitely took awhile to leash train both of our labs. it takes a lot of time, consistently being stern, and being strong with him on the leash. i would recommend getting a training collar… it helped us a lot.

  5. Ohhh!!!! I have the best recommendation for the dog walking question. I tried so hard to train Meeko to walk nice and easy on the leash, but she continued to pull no matter what (and she was very easy to train when it came to anything else). Finally I went to Petco and discovered the “Easy Walk Harness” It works wonders. It is a harness that goes around their chest (you’d probably have to wait until Tebow is bigger to decide what size to get) and the leash clips on the front. This way, whenever they pull, they just get pulled around so they’re facing you (and it doesn’t hurt the dog at all). After a few tries, Meeko understood that she just couldn’t pull hard anymore and she has walked perfectly with me ever since.

    Here is the link to one on Amazon, although I got mine at Petco: http://www.amazon.com/Easy-Walk-Harness-Medium-Large-Tweener/dp/B000ZM6NS6/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1327888076&sr=8-4

  6. Adorable pooch! I’ve used a Gentle Leader with two pups in the past and it has worked wonders. In the beginning I felt bad using it because it looks a bit like a muzzle, but it works. And it’s not a muzzle, dogs can easily eat, bark and give kisses with it on. I recommend it – big time!

  7. So cute! We just adopted a 2 year old puggle a couple months ago and he was horrible at walking with a leash. We finally opted to get a choke collar and it worked wonders. I know it sounds kind of bad, but they learn fast that if they try to go too fast then the collar will get tighter. We’ve had him for about 3 months now and I just went on my first successfull run with him. He’s still a little ADD at times but overall he was so much better than when we first got him

  8. Oh my goodness I just want to give your puppy a great big hug… so so cute! But a bit destructive it seems haha
    I have a black cat named Midnight and he is super old! Seriously though, we got him when I was 4, and i am 22 now… and he was at least one years old when we got him! He is still going strong though 🙂

    • Aww thank you! He is a sweet heart for sure, but he uses that cute face of his to get out of trouble 😉 Wow! I am super impressed by your cat’s age! What a healthy guy! I love my parent’s dog so much too, and she’s 14 1/2 now!

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