Go Lean

It’s Friday!!

Anyone else wait all week to say that..? 😉

I love Fridays for that simple feeling of freedom.  Knowing I don’t have to go back to work for 2 1/2 days allows me to leave any worries, and projects, at the office.  This allows me to embrace the weekend and do as I please!  Every weekend varies, some are more lazy, others non-stop crazy, but this one includes a nice mix of both.  On the agenda: drinks and apps with a couple friends, a much needed hair cut (ahh my hair is getting so long!), a little exercise, grocery shopping, spending time with my guys, church and the Super Bowl!  Whooh!


As much as I love the weekend, I hate how fast the weeks go by.  I can’t believe it is the 3rd of February, the year is flying already!  Here are a few of my eats from this week:

DSCN0738 Kashi Go Lean (might be my favorite cereal ever!!), Flax Seeds, Crushed Walnuts, and Almond Milk

DSCN0741 1 Egg, 1 Egg White for a little protein!

DSCN0760 Clif Crunch!  We have these in both Honey Oat and Peanut Butter, so good!  Reminds me of Nature Valley Granola Bars.

008 Smoothie made with Almond Milk, Mango, and frozen banana!

012Muir Glen Organic Garden Vegetable Soup.  I am pretty picky about my soups, but this can was really good!

I want to thank everyone again for your support on my work out changes!  I actually began my program on Sunday and this is what my work outs have looked like so far:



  • Ran 2.25 miles outside
  • Stability ball:
    • 50 crunches
    • 25 push ups, feet on the ball and hands on the floor
    • 25 hip thrusts, feet on the ball and back on the floor
    • 50 oblique crunches- Belly on ball, legs straight and on your toes.  Arms up and hands above your neck, crunch waist from side to side. (Anyone know a name for this?)
    • 20 Ball Pass Ab Exercise


  • 30 minute elliptical workout
  • 50 Stability Ball crunches
  • 25 push ups



  • Day off!  I went on a 1.5 mile walk with my family in the gorgeous weather!


  • 10 minute elliptical, going backwards
  • This Pinterest work out, which I repeated through twice.  Would like to get up to 5 times at some point!

Pinned Image



  • 20 minute elliptical speed session
  • This Pinterest abs work out:

Pinned Image


I only did one round and did the following sets:

1 minute plank

25 stability ball passes

25 on each side, side plank with leg lift

100 oblique twists with ball

25 up-down planks

1 minute reverse plank

1 minute plank

Saturday & Sunday:

  • I am planning a run!  Not sure how far yet, I will see what my body says.

So there we go!  Week 1 and I would say I met my goals for the week.  I definitely challenged my usual routine and I enjoyed mixing up my work outs.  As much as I wish I could have completed the whole circuit routines, I know my body is not to that point yet.  I am glad I at least have goals to work towards and a way to measure how much stronger my body is getting.  I feel ready for Week 2!



Any fun plans for this weekend?

I am getting ready to host a few friends for appetizers and drinks!  We have layered taco dip, whole grain tortilla chips, veg and dip, chick fil a nuggets, kettle corn and cookie dough!!  More to come on that.. 🙂


What was your favorite eats/exercise of the past week?

24 thoughts on “Go Lean

  1. I have a fun party to attend tomorrow – can’t wait!

    You are doing some awesome workouts – way to go!

    I am also so happy it’s Friday, although I have to say I am LOVING watching the weeks go by. I can’t wait until summer, because then I’m that much closer to going back to school!

  2. oOOoh, that Clif Crunch bar looks good! I’ve been digging the Clif Mojo bars these days. That core circuit looks awesome!

    For the weekend, I plan on running a bit longer (maybe 7 or 8 miles). It will depend on how my legs feel tomorrow.

    Have a great weekend with your get-together!

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