My First WIAW

Over the past month or so, while reading many of the blogs I follow, I have stumbled across one little phrase that appears on every mid-week post.  What I Ate Wednesday is a sort of bloggie phenomenon created by Jenn over at Peas and Crayons, (If you’ve never checked out Jenn’s blog before, please do!  It is super cute and she has so many fun recipes!)  After doing more research, I have come to find that I love the idea of WIAW and it seems like a fun blog community event to join!  After getting the go ahead on Twitter from Miss Peas and Crayons herself…



I decided what better time than the present to hop on the bandwagon!  Here is a summary of WIAW, in case those of you unfamiliar with the idea want to know a little more!


What WIAW isn’t about

Comparison – Judgement – Restriction – Guilt

What WIAW is about

Celebrating one of the glorious things we all have in common: We all eat!


Love it!  Here is my first installment of What I Ate Wednesday, and before I begin, let me be honest.  It was hard to remember to take pictures!  I also realized that Tuesday was not my best day to use for this post.  I had meetings all day, so my meals were more like snacks randomly spread throughout the day when I had some free time.  None of these meals were all that amazing, but here is a look into my life on a random weekday and what I ate that day!  (FYI โ€“ I missed the whole concept of veggie month too.  Ha I will just have to do a better job planning next week ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Breakfast @ 7:15

Quaker Oatmeal Squares, Kashi Go Lean Crunch, Flax Seeds, and Silk Almond Milk


Along with a cup + thermos to-go of coffee.  I drink mine straight black through the week, but sometimes on the weekend I like to add a little milk.

IMG_0251 Snack @ 10:30

Fuji Apple with peanut butter.  (Sorry!  No picture, but you can imagine what the apple looks like.. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

IMG_0248 This is the peanut butter I use, natural creamy Whole Foods brand.  I leave it in my desk drawer at work and use it for snacking with bananas, apples, or rice cakes.

Lunch @ 12:30

Sorry, but this is such a sad lunch!  Ha I am actually embarrassed to put it on here! lol




2 Clementines

Moving on.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Snack @ 2:30

Plain Chobani Yogurt 2% & Homemade granola (My mom made it!)



Snack @ 3:30

Okay, this was not planned.  However it was Valentineโ€™s Day and my office passed them out to the employees, how could I say no?  Not the best will power, but sometimes you just need a heart shaped cookie. ๐Ÿ™‚



Dinner @ 6:15

Pork tenderloin, roasted yukon gold potatoes, and roasted broccoli


So there you have it, a day of eats!  Not the prettiest presentation, but it got the job done!  Also included throughout the day was 9 glasses of water and a Lime La Croix.



How do you split up your meals when you know you wonโ€™t have time for a full, sit-down meal?

Do you tend to eat more frequent, smaller meals?  Or do you prefer the big 3:  Breakfast, lunch and dinner?

What was your favorite treat you had on Valentineโ€™s Day?

16 thoughts on “My First WIAW

  1. YAy welcome to WIAW !! We definitely need a giant cookie sometimes ;D
    If I don’t have time for a full meal, I just split it up between a few hours with stuff that’s easy to make/eat.
    I used to usually eat about 3 meals but now I eat 5 or 6 smaller!
    Favorite treat was wine haha

  2. if i don’t have time to sit down to a meal i normally just make sure i have filling snacks throughout the day..which happens a lot cause i’m in school right now and some days i just go from class to class! That valentines day cookie looks delicious!!

  3. I always eat small meals throughout the day- I shoot for every 3 hours. I have to bring all my meals with me to work, so Im always trying to pre-make meals whenever possible so its just grab and go.

    Question for you about the WIAW: I see it all the time and am thinking about adding it my blog as well, but I think its so funny that people post what they ate Tuesday on Wednesday! Wouldnt it make more sense to post a WIAW on Thursday morning or Wednesday night?

    • I thought the same thing! When I read Jenn’s description of WIAW on her blog though, t seems as if Wednesday isn’t necessarily the day the meals were eaten. Wednesday is just the day for the post! I guess you could think of it as “What I Ate, posted on Wednesday” ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. how fun! glad you joined the WIAW party! ๐Ÿ™‚ i definitely prefer smaller meals and more snacks throughout the day. i usually will have a breakfast, lunch, and dinner with snacks mid morning, mid afternoon, and evening. obviously that changes every once in awhile due to plans, but that’s usually how i eat throughout the week.

  5. I love this blog!!! One random day of my food intake would probably make me nervous. Those healthy snacks reduce the hunger and keep your metabolism up. The Valentine Cheryl’s splurge was probably really good. Nice celebration.

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