Fashion Forward

After yesterday’s post, I thought it would nice to mix it up and write about something a little lighter and fun!  The Oscar’s night fashion!

Now, I am the first to admit that I probably haven’t seen 99% of the movies nominated, nor do I know many of the actors if they don’t show up on at least once a week.

However, I love watching the red carpet and getting to see the gorgeous dresses.  One of my favorite things to do is check out the articles and pictures online the next day and make my own opinion of what dresses I loved!

My Choices for the Best Looks

I loved the color and the sparkle of this dress.  This is a really hard color to pull off too, but I think Cameron did a great job, I think that a bra would have been nice though!! Some dresses can be way too busy, but I love how the top is plain since the bottom is so full of texture.  If the whole dress would have ruffles like the skirt, it would have been way over kill!


I love everything about this look on Rachel Smith!  From the color and shape of the dress to the statement necklace, it all just works together.  I am so glad she kept the rest of the jewelry minimal, because a bracelet or earring would have been too much with a necklace that large.

I love this dress on Kristen Wiig.  The color of this dress looks amazing with her skin tone and hair color.  It’s a tough color to pull olive if you don’t have the olive undertones in your skin.  The dark nail polish is perfect with this look too.  I am also obviously into a textured skirt right now, (please see Exhibit A on Cameron above)!

Best couple of the night in my opinion!  George Clooney is seriously handsome, and even though Stacy Keibler’s dress is not one that I could wear out and about, I think she picked the perfect dress for this event.  George may not have won Oscar gold, but he definitely had it on his arm Sunday night!

I think Giuliana Rancic looks so classy in this dress, which is not an easy one to pull off that’s for sure.  Keeping her hair in a tight bun, as well as wearing minimal jewelry helped keep this look from looking too busy.  Whites, champagnes, and ivories were definitely top color choices of the night.

As gorgeous as so many of the dresses were, there were definitely quite a few dresses I wasn’t feeling.  However, I really don’t like the whole worst dress polls, because I feel like everyone chooses a dress for a reason.  Even though I may not have picked it as my number one choice, the woman wearing that dress may have loved it.  I truly believe, to each their own with fashion!  If you love something them buy it, wear it with confidence and be proud of your choice.  I would say that my style tends to fall under a more classic/preppy kind of look.  My favorite stores are Banana Republic, J. Crew, and department stores like Von Maur and Neiman Marcus.  I also love finding gems at stores like Forever 21 or Francesca’s Collection.  I tend to know if I love something within a second or two of trying it on.  I am not indecisive when it comes to shopping, usually the biggest struggle I have is justifying whether or not I should spend the money on certain pieces.  I am cheap when it comes to clothes, especially those pieces that aren’t considered classic.  Usually my spending rules look like this:

Pieces worth the splurge:  Handbags, Shoes (boots, classic peep-toe pumps in black and camel, running shoes!!), jeans, and a winter, spring and/or fall coat.

Pieces where to save that $:  Trendy tops, fun flats (not classic pieces), costume jewelry, dresses for events (I buy a majority of my dresses for weddings or similar events at Forever 21, the outlets (there are so many great finds at outlet malls), or clearance racks at department stores).

I don’t mind shelling out extra money on pieces that I know I will wear over and over, but I do have a problem spending money on tops that may be out of style by next season, or jewelry that I can find a very similar piece for $5 at Charming Charlie’s.  Learning where to spend and save definitely takes time and everyone has to decide what is most important to them.

I love clothes, shopping for bargains, finding the perfect pieces, and putting together as many outfits as I can from my own closet.  I am thinking about starting a Fashion Page where I post outfits I wear to work, pieces from my closet or shopping excursions, or clothes I like to put on to go out on the weekends.  I love reading other bloggers fashion pages and pulling tips from their suggestions.  I love playing dress up, and try to do it almost every morning!  As lame as it may sound, I truly feel so much more excited to go out or head to work when I love my outfit.  This doesn’t mean that I buy clothes all the time, because I don’t.  This also doesn’t mean I am an expert, I just do what I know and like! I usually pick pieces that I absolutely adore and that I can easily layer with other pieces to create plenty of outfits, without a ton of clothes.  Button up sweaters, colorful tank tops, cute shoes, and fun jewelry can go so far in making an outfit feel special and put-together.

Fashion Forward – Day 1

027 Sweater – Forever 21

Grey Straight Leg Dress Pants – Express

Shoes – Aldo

Do I feel a little silly posting pictures of myself?  YES!  However, fashion is supposed to be fun, and light, and a personal decision.  Besides, I would love to share my closet with all of you, so I am doing just that by going out on a limb! 🙂


How do you feel about fashion?  Do you adore shopping and putting together outfits, or would you rather wear yoga pants all day, everyday? 😉

How would you describe your fashion style?  What is your favorite piece in your closet?

Did you watch the Oscar’s?  What is your favorite look from the red carpet?

24 thoughts on “Fashion Forward

  1. I love this idea; I’m looking forward to seeing what outfits you come up with!

    I love to shop, but fashion has become less important to me since high school. I usually wear a simple dress pant or skirt & a basic top with flats (since I’m on my feet all day), however I’m trying to incorporate more accessories to freshen things up a bit!

  2. OMG I love Kristen Wiig’s dress. and the color of the first one pictured. it’s one of my favorite colors to wear so I am glad to have naturally olive skin. not like hers; my undertones are yellow so it works, lol.

    I like your statement “because I feel like everyone chooses a dress for a reason”.. good point 🙂 sophomore homecoming (remember my weird punk-ish phase? lol) my dress was $40 and from Hot Topic. I laugh now, but am glad I chose it because it was me at the time

    J. Crew is one of my favorites, most shopped at stores. Love Banana Republic too and anything classically preppy. If you like that, check out I am not sure if you’ve heard of them but based of what I have seen you wear and the brands you’ve mentioned here I think you’d love them as much as me 🙂 It hasn’t made it at home, it started out here in CT and is mostly in New England. Let me know what you think !

    I want those pants you’re wearing; i prefer non-jean pants.

    Now I will answer your questions; they’re fun!

    I love putting outfits together. Of course I have days where I grab a simple T and wear khakis but I still take it from there as I love color mixing. I loooooove putting odd colors together and being able to pull it off. My old faithful out fit would be grey pants, a tank undershirt, a grey J. Crew vintage cotton shirt and a cashmere cardigan in a fun color (usually darker; berry, old, mustard, etc… I don’t look that great in bright colors. Earth tones are me 🙂

    I’d describe my style as half classic North Eastern Prep with a little Boho thrown in, or sometimes one or the other.

    I didnt watch the Awards’ show but I can almost promise you had I seen them all i’d still like your pick of Kristen Wiig because I am sucker for dresses with bottoms like that.

    • Ha ha my dress to junior year homecoming (it was orange with gold sequins) only cost me $7 off of the Elder Beerman clearance racked and I loved it!! One of my favorite dress choices for sure! 🙂 I love dresses with the textured skirts too. It adds just enough flair to make it unique and special without going overboard!

  3. Love fashion! I ADORE shopping and putting outfits together (I love finding bargains!!!) BUT at the same time, I do love my yoga pants and tenneshoes more than anything in the world 🙂

    My fashion style is very relaxed and easy mixed with fashionable. I love comfy sweaters, any kind of oversized flowy top and skinny jeans with a cute pair of flats or boots.

    I did not get to watch it because I was studying but Rachel Smith’s dress by FAR stole the show! I loved it.

  4. Ohhhh I Looooove the Oscars!!! My favorite looks definitely included Cameron Diaz and Viola Davis (I loved the color of hers!)

  5. i didn’t get a chance to watch the oscars, but i agree with your favorites! cameron diaz definitely seemed to be a favorite with a lot of people, and i can see why. she looked beautiful and healthy.
    i’m definitely NOT a fashionista. haha. i like to look cute, but it doesn’t come easy to me to pull together a fashionable and cute outfit. that being said, i’d love if you did a fashion page to give me some ideas! 😉

  6. Love your outfit! I really enjoy fashion, but I wouldn’t say I’m super fashionable haha. I like to see fashion things like in magazines and online, but can’t generally bring myself to spend a lot of money for those things. I do like to look nice though and I like my I guess that’s what matters right? 🙂

  7. My favorite thing is skinny jeans! They are so versatile- You can wear them with boots, or flats or heels or fold and wear as capris. I also love leggins, I wear them a lot with sweater dresses and a thick belt. I love fashion, but sometimes I just don’t give myself enough time in the mornings to add accessories and stuff. Something I would like to work on for sure!

  8. Wow! The paragraph that follows your favorite dresses (about some of the not-so-best-dressed) was refreshing and kind! Most of the blogs I’ve seen have the worst-dressed section. and I really love that you chose not to include it 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I debated whether or not to include it, but I finally decided I didn’t need to. That isn’t what this blog is about! I want my readers to hear positivity and to find love for themselves. This includes love both on the inside and out! Maybe those celebrities really did love their dresses and feel gorgeous in them, and if so, it is not my job to judge them and their decisions about what they like.

  9. I am so not fashion forward! My coworker and I were just talking about this today. I always want to wear an outfit that’s cute and creative. Like taking a dress that I usually wear by itself and layering it with leggings, boots, and a cardigan. But then I try it and feel so silly! I always stick to such basic pieces, but I want to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone.

    I’ve heard about Von Maur but have never been there – there’s one about 45 minutes from my house. Is it expensive?

  10. I love shopping – it’s definitely one of my hobbies! With the increase of online stores my online shopping is out. of. control. right now. But at least I look cute 🙂

  11. I agree with every single one of your “where to save/spend” suggestions. My thinking is that no one will think your top is cheap if you handbag is pricey. Basically, for me, the rule is: The more I’ll wear it the more I’ll spend on it. While I love shopping, I find that I often wear the same thing if I’m hanging with different crowds… it takes out the guess-work.

    Also, have you tried You can rent designer dresses for a tenth of the price. I used it a few times and highly recommend it.

    I don’t have a closet favorite right now. However, my favorite accessory is my wedding band/engagement ring (but I am sure you know how that is).

    • I agree! I figure I can wear a hand bag every day, but I won’t want to wear the same shirt everyday! I have never tried Rent the Runway, but I have heard really great things about it and would love to ‘rent’ something! My favorite accessory is my wedding band/engagement ring too 🙂

  12. I pretty much stick to a “uniform” for work–JCrew button-downs (different colors, patterns) and JCrew pencil skirts.
    I have a bit of a hard time finding brands that work for tall, athletic figures. I needed to add some nicer dresses to my wardrobe over the past months and lucked out with Tahari. They fit so are worth the investment. I feel a little bit like a diplomat, though…the dresses are very State Dinner 🙂

    Fun dresses that you chose to post about! I thought George’s girl was trying a little bit too hard, but good for her for workin’ it.

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