Road Trip

Good morning everyone! Happy Saturday! 🙂

I am currently on a road trip to Columbus to check out the Arnold Sports Festival thanks to FitFluential and GNC, who is sponsoring my attendance! So exciting!  I just wanted to stop in and say hello and let you know there are some good posts ahead.

Last night was a laid back evening, which was perfect for me since I will be so busy today. Tim and I met two of our friends at Rusty Bucket for a beer (I had a Mich Ultra) and a bite to eat. I ordered the quesadilla, which was either amazingly delicious, or it tasted so good because it was 9 pm and I was starving. I will let you be the judge.. 🙂

I am blessed because my husband is heading to C-bus with me so I can’t wait to spend the day with him. We started off our morning spending $10 at Starbucks, yikes! My Venti Skinny Mocha with an extra shot of espresso is pretty good, but I am not going to lie, a real mocha is so much better and worth the extra calories if you’re really craving a mocha!

Today I am really looking forward to checking out any booths that have to do with running, work out clothes and shoes, nutrition, yoga, etc! I am not really into body building, but it is always cool to see and learn about new areas of fitness! I will also definitely be watching some of the gymnastics/cheerleading events. I competed in both sports at the Arnold when I was younger and I had such a blast!  I am also looking forward to a breakfast this morning with FitFluential and GNC, so cool!

I hope everyone has a great weekend ahead!

Tell me: What are your plans this weekend?!


15 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. My weekend plans involve getting up the motivation for my training run (on the treadmill…. ugh!) and then a early St. Patrick’s Day celebration! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Ooooh have fun! You should try and see Tosca Reno or Jamie Eason! They’re both going to be there and are such huge clean eating and fitness inspirations!

  3. I have a race tomorrow morning, so I’ll be resting all day today and hopefully have a good run.
    Looks like you’ll be having a great time with the Sports Festival! Have fun and let us know about the really cool things you got to see 🙂

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