Changes like the Wind

Happy WIAW!  It is hump day, which means we are inching closer to that weekend we long for all week.  Today’s What I Ate Wednesday marks my third time participating and my documented eats are from Tuesday.  I thought I would show you how I ‘plan’ my meals for the day, but also how I change those plans if something comes up unexpectedly, like a sweet treat, or a surprise meal out, etc.  I am not a perfect eater, nor have I ever claimed to be!  I like sugar and white carbs on occasion and this may not be the ‘healthiest’ day of eats, but it’s a real day in my life!  Things constantly change and I think it’s important for all of us to remember that, even when it comes to our food.  I am not saying you should give into every yummy food that is thrown at you, but you also have to respect your cravings.  If that means having a reasonable portion of something deemed ‘unhealthy,’ then so be it!

Breakfast was my usual.  It may be boring, but it is so easy, quick and delicious.  All traits of a perfect weekday breakfast!


Kashi Go Lean Crunch, Trader Joe’s High Fiber Cereal, Skim Milk and Silk Almond, along with ground flax seeds.

Here is where things changed.  Lunch originally planned: 



Whole foods 365 Multigrain bread, Muenster cheese from Trader Joe’s, and Boar’s head Oven roasted chicken breast. 


A side dish of canned green beans (quick veggie).


2 Savannah Smiles Girl Scout Cookies (got to have that sweet palate cleanser)!


All packed up and ready to go!

Here is my lunch that was actually eaten: 


Half of sandwich, half of green beans and no cookies.  I know my dishware is very classy! lol

Why the change you may ask?


This beauty popped up at work!  Don’t you hate when that happens? (Brownies showed up later in the day, which I politely passed on.  One day there were two Panera Bread deliveries, I mean really?  Talk about testing one’s will power!  Anyways, today I decided to give in as a buckeye donut that looked too delicious to pass up caught my eye.  I grabbed the treat, enjoyed about 2/3 of it over the course of 3 hours.  I nibbled away and enjoyed every bite.  I saved the other 1/3 for an after lunch treat.  I wanted to make this bad boy last!  I had met my craving at this point, and knew I could have it if I wanted, so I knew there was no reason to rush and eat it quick.  However, this treat also left me full (and with a tummy ache, that’s sugar for you!) and I knew that although those calories were pretty empty and unhealthy, I would be pretty satisfied with half of my lunch.  I also knew that those Girl Scout cookies could be passed up and saved. I also now have leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch, which is a great bonus.  No need to pack!  Let me remind you that this does not happen everyday!  I indulge in a sweet treat at work maybe once a week.  The rest of the time I am passing up offers for extra food left and right.  When something really catches my eye though, I may go with it and make changes where needed.

In the afternoon I had some new to me tea!  It was on sale at Earth Fare, because I think it was geared toward Valentine’s Day.  Oh well!  It tastes good every other day too!




Homemade Tomato Soup (Recipe to Come!) and Roasted Asparagus.

I was planning on having grilled cheese with this tonight, but since I had the donut I didn’t think I needed the extra sandwich.  Therefore I passed and I was nice and full without being overly stuffed.

So there is my day of eats!  It wasn’t how I planned, but really, when is life ever as we planned?  Sure, I could have gotten down on myself for enjoying a donut, but what good would that have done?  We have to be pro-active in life and as corny as it is, ‘Make Lemonade out of Lemons”!  There is always another day to make healthy choices, and it seems to balance out in the long run.



How do you handle the rest of your meals when the plan unexpectedly changes?

How do you deal with the continuous food delivery at work?  (Tell me my office is not the only one)!

Do you let treats roll off your shoulder, or do you have a hard time letting go of the indulgence?

19 thoughts on “Changes like the Wind

  1. I work at a high school so unfortunately (luckily?) I don’t really have to deal with the food delivery thing. I guess that’s pretty common in offices, but no so much in a school environment… we only have about 25 minutes to eat, & the staff eats at different times throughout the afternoon.

  2. i love everything you’re saying here! so very true! way to balance it out and still satisfy your cravings. it’s something i’m constantly working on since in the past i often had the “all or nothing” approach to food (NOT good!). that donut sure does look tasty!! do you have an evening snack? i always feel like i need a little something sweet after dinner. sometimes i wish i could kick this habit, but i figure a little something won’t hurt!

    • For sure girl! I used to do the all or nothing approach too, and it was nothing but stress. I actually don’t usually have an evening snack. We eat about 6 30 and I am usually in bed at 9ish (ha!) so I typically stay pretty full. I have a little something sweet after dinner most nights, like a small piece of chocolate, but after that donut I didn’t think anymore sugar would be a good idea ha ha! 🙂

  3. The continuous food at work happens to me all the time! It drives me crazy. I try to stick to one per week, but sometimes it ends up being more.

  4. I think it’s good to stick to your diet plan & splurge only once a week,whether it be planned or unplanned. That way when you do have a sweet treat you know it will be the only one all week 🙂

  5. I swear, every single day there seems to be a birthday celebrated in my classroom… so there are PLENTY of sweet treats that roll through. I’m pretty picky about which ones I’ll indulge in though… if it’s something homemade I might have some, but if it’s store bought (like the grocery store cupcakes with globs and globs of “frosting” and sprinkles ontop) I’m not a fan.

    • Ha ha very true! Same in my office! As much as I love a good celebration, how many birthdays, baby showers, or weddings can be going on every week? lol I am definitely more likely to partake in home baked goods over store bought as well. For some reason though, this donut seemed to speak to me.. 🙂

  6. My school likes to do lots of treats/ordering in. Most of the time I don’t even venture near the teacher’s lounge because I know that’s it’s usually food I don’t truly enjoy. However, if they do have something I really LOVE (like the secretary’s famous chocolate cake) then I have some and just don’t eat dessert after dinner.

    I used to have a hard time and felt completely guilty about it. Probably because I almost always overdid it (big time) and felt so sick afterward. Now, I indulge in treats but make sure not to keep going and going and going. Then I always feel okay with it 🙂

    • Great plan Michelle! I agree, I usually try and stay clear of the ‘food room’ too. It seems like lately though it’s becoming more like the ‘food office’ lol! That’s all we can do is keep going and be appreciative that we had the opportunity and ability to eat a yummy treat. Knowing that life still goes on makes it okay! 🙂

  7. Mmm, that definitely looks like a treat worth indulging in! Now that I’m home with my daughter, I don’t get those surprise staff lounge treats… glad you could enjoy!

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