Springing Forward

Here we are at Monday again.  I had a wonderful, but fast weekend filled with running, shopping, time with family, lots of walks, loads of laundry, and a break from the internet.  Thanks mostly to the time change, (Love the lighter days, but miss that extra hour!), I am running a little slower than normally this morning.  I thought I would take the time this morning to quickly share a few things I am loving this morning.


1)  Fresh fruit, including this pineapple!  There was an abundance of delicious, ripe fruit at the grocery on sale.  This pineapple only cost $1.99 and reaffirms that even though itโ€™s a pain to cut it, buying a whole pineapple is so much more cost effective than buying the already chopped version.


2)  Simple Desserts


1/2 cup Chobani


1/2 banana


1 tablespoon PB2


3 Ingredient โ€˜Ice Creamโ€™

4)  Cookies & Cream Protein Powder (This stuff is so good and is a great way to refuel.  I mix mine with Almond Milk and add banana and/or spinach for a little extra nutrition).




Have a Great Monday!


Tell me 3 things you are loving this morning!

Or, tell me 3 things you are looking forward to this week.

16 thoughts on “Springing Forward

  1. I’m loving my pancakes this morning and the warm weather we had this weekend that should continue this week! I’m not loving that extra hour of sleep I missed- I feel l like I can tell a difference this morning.

    P.S. My Blog moved to lifteatrepeat.com

  2. I’m loving my kids slept in until 930, but not loving that was because the baby was awake in the middle of the night teething.
    I rarely buy a whole pineapple for some reason, they really aren’t that hard to cut. Next grocery trip!

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