Spring Showers

After graduating from college, it seems like your social calendar begins to fill up even faster than it did during undergrad, if you can believe that one.  Tim and I are constantly being reminded that we are at the “right age” for weddings and baby showers as invitations come trickling in through the mail.  I love celebrations like these and look forward to every single one!  After having my own wedding last October, I more than ever understand the tedious tasks a bride goes through to make her wedding day as perfect as she’s always hoped.  I catch myself checking out the little details like the monogram choice, the type of invitation paper used, and the kind of save-the-date that is sent, because I now know how much time and thought is put into these decisions and it makes me truly appreciate every choice the bride makes.  If you look closely, it can actually teach you a little more about the bride and the groom as a whole.

We have five weddings to attend this year starting in April until mid-September.   Before we get to that point though, I am also blessed to be not only attending a baby shower this weekend, but throwing the party along with my mom.  My cousin is pregnant with her first baby, a little boy, and we are holding the event in her honor at a restaurant on Saturday.  I don’t want to give away too much information before it happens, but the two details I can share is that A) The theme is ducks and B) the mother-to-be is craving chocolate cake!  Rest assured, those two things will be making an appearance at her shower!

When it comes to fun though, I am really not into the traditional shower games.  I am trying to come up with a few different ideas that may help this shower stand out in the minds of my cousin and her guests.  I have of course been using Pinterest to gather ideas, but I really haven’t seen anything too awesome that has caught my eye.  Some of the cutest things I’ve come across are:



Each baby shower guest is assigned a letter & is asked to bring that letter decorated for the nursery.



Another “Pop” themed Baby Shower.  This website is amazing, FYI!!  If I am throwing a baby shower for you within the next year, please don’t check it out..! 😉



Great for a ‘Library Building’ Baby Shower


How cute is this?!?!


FYI, none of these ideas are being used this weekend, but I thought they were all adorable!  We have one ‘sort of’ game in mind, but nothing we are completely set on doing.  We do have great goodie bags for the guests ready to go, and we also have the food and dessert handled.  We are hosting another baby shower for a very good friend of ours this summer too, and we’ll need even more ideas!  I love throwing events like this, because it brings me back to the love of wedding planning, without QUITE the amount of sleepless nights and tough decisions. This sort of responsibility gets me psyched to have kids one day and throw them some fun parties!  My birthday parties consisted of roller blading a few years, but I had at least 6 or 7 gymnastics theme parties at the gym I attended.  Those were amazing.  My dream party though would have been at the American Girl Place.  I was obsessed with my dolls and that would have been a perfect party in my eyes.  Oh well, maybe for my 24th?! Ha!


I am curious: 


What is the best baby shower you have ever attended? 

Do you have any suggestions for great games, themes, treats, special details, goodie bags, etc. that really stand out in your head? 

Any ideas to make the mother-to-be feel extra special?

16 thoughts on “Spring Showers

  1. Oh, shower games! I usually like them – I like the one where you have to cut off a piece of ribbon according to how big around you think the mommy-to-be’s belly is. But maybe some expecting mothers wouldn’t like that so much 🙂

    I’m with you on the American Girl Doll party – I think I would have been in heaven!

    • I remember going to the American Girl Place for my 10th birthday with just my mom and my grandma. We went to the dinner and I took both of my dolls..:-) It was amazing! One of the best memories from my childhood! I really hope I have a daughter one day just so my mom and I can take her too.

  2. I think it’s cute when there’s a station where everyone can decorate “onesies” for the baby. I’ve heard from my “mommy” friends that babies go through onesies like crazy!

    I’ve also heard of a diaper party when it’s the mommy’s 2nd baby … since she already has plenty of baby things from the first baby, everyone just brings diapers or gift cards to the store of her choice. 🙂

  3. Oh I love the letter idea for the wall (just make sure to check and see if it fits with the mom’s nursery theme)! I really like the onsie design tables at showers. For both of my baby showers we had the diaper poop game which is always funny. Melt candy bars in diapers, pass them around and people have to smell them ro guess the candy bar. Most right answers win. I also liked the “how big is mommy” game because I saved my tape around my belly and put it in my kids baby books. Oh and if its co-ed…put beer in baby bottles and the guys race to see who can drink it the fastest. Or you can do apple juice for the ladies.

    • Ha ha the beer in the bottles cracks me up! Definitely would liven up the party lol! I agree that I love the letter idea, but making sure that idea fits with the nursery theme is definitely a good plan. How cute would those letters be in a play room?! I love it!

  4. We threw a baby shower for one of my friends last month where the dad-to-be had a little video made, talking about his reaction to the news when they found out she was pregnant, how he’s feeling now, and prayer requests for the weeks to come and for the newborn. It was funny, sweet, and so touching!
    I’m actually helping to through a baby shower for my friend for this Saturday and it’s going to be at my house!! I’m working on the decorations. Hope it comes out the way i’m imagining in my head 😛

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