Graduation Day

Last night was a very important one in our house.  Someone had a last class and graduation we had to attend.  He placed, sat, laid down, and heeled like a pro, and because of this Tebow Peyton (new middle name, according to my husband!), is now a preschool graduate!


Don’t let those sad puppy dog eyes fool you, he was thrilled!! Ha

With that being said, Tebow is worn out this morning from mental and physical work last night  However, his lack of bouncing-off-the-walls is making for a peaceful morning so far!  He is actually going to keep going to school though, and is now signed up for two electric collar classes and 8 intermediate classes.  Tebow is going to grad school!

Moving on from that event, another celebration is going on today and it’s What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW), or in my case What I Ate Tuesday!  Head on over to Jenn’s blog at Peas and Crayons to check out the full story about WIAW.




Kashi Go Lean Crunch Honey Almond Flax, Crushed Pecans, Ground Flax, Almond Milk



Super sweet green grapes!  These guys were good (and cheap!) at the grocery last week.



Boar’s Head Pastrami and Trader Joe’s Light Muenster on a Whole Foods Whole Wheat English Muffin.


Leftover Roasted Yukon Gold Potatoes and Roasted Brussels Sprouts.

Sweet Snack:


3 Girl Scout Thin Mints.



A yummy, easy, and totally made up recipe!  My version of ‘Cabbage Rolls.’  Recipe to come, but let’s just say the rolls might be filled with healthy ingredients, including Organic Ground Beef and Quinoa!



Tell me about a special graduation from your past, or one coming up in your future?

What is the best thing you have ate so far this week?

20 thoughts on “Graduation Day

  1. I really need to look into signing Popcorn up for some classes too. He’s got “sit” “stay” and “get in your crate” down, but my inner Dr. Doolittle wan’t him to learn things like getting the newspaper and playing dead haha

    Congrats Tebow!

  2. The hubby and I debated on taking our puppies to class or not. We decided against it and the only thing I wish they were better trained at is staying down. They get too excited when people come over to the house.

    Best thing this week was homemade granola with Almond Milk- Yum! 🙂

  3. Ohhh I can’t wait for the cabbage roll recipe! My in-laws are Polish and LOVE cabbage rolls… however I think yours might be a bit healthier than they are used to! 🙂

  4. Hi! You are gorgeous! haha anyways,

    Do you recommend ground flax to put on cereal? I am trying to add calories without bulking up my diet. Good idea?

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