Rubber Ducky, You’re the One

I have been quickly reminded what spring really feels like.  Highs in the 60’s actually feel cold for March compared to the 80’s we were having last week.  Spoiled, spoiled.


I thought that yesterday’s photo montage from the weekend helped to balance out my wordy post from Friday.  I wanted to give a quick running update today and I am happy to say that I ran my 7 miles on Friday in 1:08:14.  I actually felt pretty great the whole time, and dare I say that I could have kept going when I finished?  It is amazing how runs feel so different day-to-day.  Monday you would have thought I’ve never run 2 miles and Friday I accomplished 7.   Did I mention also that the majority of the run was in the rain?  It was misting for most of the time, but while listening to my iPhone, ‘Let it Rain’ by David Nail came on and I swear that the skies seemed to open up and it just started pouring.  I listened to the words and literally started singing out loud.  Although the song’s lyrics relate more to relationship problems as opposed to the issues I am facing regarding my own personal stress and urge for perfection, it really helped me to hear this song right in the middle of my run.  When the song was over, the sky dried up a little and went back to the light mist it was doing before.  Yesterday we went to the gym and I ran 2 miles in 16:38, the fastest I have ever ran.  I couldn’t believe it and I was so excited to see that the long runs mixed with the short speed sessions seem to really be helping me to become a quicker runner with more endurance.


I had a lot of questions about this particular drink:


It was actually a Ginger Ale, ginger, organic cane sugar, lime juice and mint, from the North Star Cafe in Columbus.  I absolutely love this restaurant, which I originally tried while going to Ohio State.  The original was opened in 2004 near downtown Columbus, but now there are three locations including the one at the Easton Town Center that my mom and I visited Saturday.  We had a snack while we were there instead of eating a big meal and split the Pimiento Cheese Dip:




The Baby Shower went really well Saturday.  We held it at Brio at the Polaris.  The theme was ‘Ducky’ and we made sure this was included in the invitations, on the balloons, and in the favor bags.


We played two simple games:  We used ribbon and had each guest estimate how much ribbon would be needed to wrap around the baby bump.  The second game was to guess the baby’s weight.  These guesses went into an envelope and we will mail out the prize to whoever guessed correctly after the baby is born.  The prize was a $5 gift card to Starbucks and some chocolates.

The favor bag included a rubbery duck..


…and chocolate!

DSCN1345 We wanted to keep everything simple.


I made the cupcakes, which were Chocolate Cake with a Chocolate Cream Cheese-Buttercream Frosting. (Recipe to Come!)

DSCN1399 Fun balloons!


Everything turned out really nice and my cousin said she had a great time, which was most important.  Brio did a great job and the restaurant at the Polaris is absolutely gorgeous.  The party was simple yet elegant and classy.



I feel like having it at a restaurant makes it harder to be creative since you don’t know what you have to work with in regards to the size of the room, provided decorations, etc.  We were a little concerned that we wouldn’t have enough decorations or that our simple games wouldn’t be enough fun.  However, I totally agree with the idea that less really is more, and I think the ducks would agree too.



Have you ever ate at Brio?  Are you a fan of this restaurant chain?

If you were throwing a baby shower tomorrow, what theme would you use?

Do you agree with the saying that Less is More?

16 thoughts on “Rubber Ducky, You’re the One

  1. Those cupcakes look fantastic! Looking forward to the recipe!

    I agree that less is more! I definitely held that philosophy when planning my wedding… I kept most of the decor/flowers pretty simple!

    I think holding events at restaurants is a great idea! Even if it does make it a little bit difficult to get creative with decor, you can’t beat having other people do the prep/clean-up work!

    • I totally agree with you about the no-prep or clean up work when it came to the shower, definitely worth it!

      I was the same way with my wedding too. Simplicity was key for the look I was going for, as well as my own sanity 🙂

  2. I’m with ya! Sometimes I run and feel like I’m on top of the world, while others I count down the seconds until its over. It’s funny how much of it is actually mental too!

    Aaaaand I love the ducks 🙂

  3. Hahahaha “less is more” is how I live much of my life. I’m one of the few people who wants to own a regular cell phone until one day… they only make smart phones. I feel like the smart phone is supposed to make our lives easier (so many tools and apps to organize), but it just ends up creating a unnecessary “needs” and now everyone’s eyes are glued to their smartphones during dinner.
    I’m an old lady at heart. Simplicity > Technogadgets.

    • I love my iPhone, but I really do agree with you! I waited so long to get mine because I knew I didn’t want to be permanently attached to my phone. However, I did cave and now I am constantly checking emails, browsing the internet, etc. Life is definitely simpler without it! 🙂

  4. I ate at Brio for the first time last week, and that’s when I saw Adrien Grenier, so I liked it a lot 🙂 The food was great, too!

    I definitely agree with “less is more” and it looks like it worked when it came to your shower! So cute!

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