Roses are Red, or Coral?

Easter was obviously the main, and most important focus on Sunday, but there was also another celebration that day in our home.


April 8th already marked six months since Tim and I were married.  It is hard to believe!  I feel like it was just yesterday that we said ‘I do,’ but time flies so fast and here we are in the middle of spring already.  That day was absolutely perfect in my eye and I could not have asked for anything better.  (I am hoping to write a wedding re-cap at some point!)  I carried eggplant colored calla lilies and champagne and ivory roses the day of, but Sunday it was all about a different color.


As monotonous as it may seem, we still celebrate our anniversary every month the same way we did the entire seven years we dated.  The anniversaries may not be considered a ‘big deal’ to others, but our monthly celebrations sure mean a lot to us.  That monthly milestone reminds us to ‘stop and smell the roses’ by increasing our focus on each other for the day.  Speaking of smelling roses,  Tim surprised me by bringing home a dozen coral colored roses that are absolutely gorgeous!  The bouquet is now taking center stage on my dining room table.


I carefully trimmed the excess leaves and placed them in a vase that belonged to my great-grandma, and then my grandma who passed it down to me. The perfect mix of new and old!  They really brighten up the whole room, don’t you think?


My new spring placemats and napkins are a Crate and Barrel purchase that I picked up a few weeks back.  I still had a few gift cards left from our wedding and sprucing up the house for a new season seemed like the perfect way to spend that money.


I love changing out the table setting from season-to-season.  It is such an easy way to mix up a room without spending a ton of money to redecorate.  My place settings with the white plates and bowls also transition easily with every theme so I only need one set of dishes.


Another part of my dining room that I am loving right now?  The big window that peers right outside where I get to see these two boys enjoying the backyard.


Perfect view in my opinion!



Do you celebrate your monthly anniversaries?

What is your favorite color of roses?

Do you like to decorate season-to-season? (I am a huge lover of decorating according to season!  I am probably overkill sometimes (ask my husband who put away all the Christmas decorations in the attic!), but it makes me so happy!)

18 thoughts on “Roses are Red, or Coral?

  1. First of all, GORGEOUS table decor! I love the combination of old and new styles and it’s absolutely magazine-worthy! Secondly, while we barely even celebrate our own wedding anniversary (mutual choice), I think it’s sweet that you guys celebrate every month. What a wonderful way to continue the romance. I’m not really a rose type of gal, but I planted some this year, and I selected yellow. Hoping they bloom in the near future, so I can enjoy them before we move.

  2. I LOVE decorating! My centerpiece right now is large vintage glass jars filled with easter eggs. And for christmas, we put up over 50 nutcrackers around the house – inherited from several generations!! Love it!

  3. I had only roses at my wedding! My bouquet was cream flowers with pink centers- they were so pretty!!!

    When Darrell and I were dating he would always do something for month anniversaries, but we don’t any more.

  4. congrats on being married for 6 months! 🙂 time truly does fly, doesn’t it?! LOVE your coral roses… they’re beautiful! and great job on your dining room decor! i love it! we don’t celebrate monthly anymore, but we used to before we were married.

  5. Love that you still celebrate the monthly anniversaries! We just do the yearly one now. But maybe when we actually can see each other every month we’ll start celebrating monthly 🙂

  6. That’s adorable! You guys are so sweet! The first couple of months my husband and I celebrated our anniversary, but it’s kind of tapered off now. We are planning on going all out for our one year though!

  7. I’m with you 100% on celebrating the monthiversaries! Will and I do the same– It’s so nice to have a reason to celebrate and remember to cherish the one that you’re with!
    Do you guys celebrate your monthly dating anniversary too?

  8. I love your table settings! I absolutely re-decorate depending on the season. I like to change up the easy stuff: placemats, napkins, dish towels. I have one universal nicer set of everything, and then several cheaper “festive for the season” sets. Otherwise I get bored!

    By the way, LOVE your blog! Please please post a wedding re-cap! I already think your dress/hair looked perf and would love to see more details from the day.

  9. Some people think we’re crazy but we celebrate the day of our first date every month as well (or at least wish each other ‘happy moniversary’ if we’re busy that night). We usually just do something small like properly setting the table, making our favourite meal, and lighting a candle at dinner. I’m so glad to find another couple that does this. It’s nice to be reminded of the start of your relationship and how much you’ve been through to get to where you are now.

    Your roses are beautiful, and I love the picture from your wedding day. Your dress is lovely and you look so happy! 🙂

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