Resting Weekend

I said that I wouldn’t again this spring, but here I am wearing a warm and cozy sweater.  I actually had to pull out the storage container where I had put my winter clothes away a few weeks ago.  It is 38 degrees this morning, but according to the local meteorologist it feels like 29 degrees.  Maybe I need to find a scarf and gloves while I am at it?

I hope everyone had a nice weekend.  Friday night we went shopping for a few new things to wear to the wedding we attended Saturday.  Tim was in the market for a new shirt and I wanted a few accessories to freshen up a dress I already owned.  Before this we went out to eat at El Toro, a Mexican restaurant near the shopping mall.  I always encourage my husband to choose the dinner location since whenever I pick a restaurant, something always seems to go wrong.  We were hoping to just grab a quick bite and be on our way, so I figured Mexican is always a fast choice.  Wrong!  We were there for over an hour and fifteen minutes and the food was just okay.  I had ordered a taco salad with the sour cream and cheese on the side, but when they delivered our meal they forgot to bring my sides.  I was going to ask my waitress for them, but by the time she came back around 30 minutes later, I was already finished.  Trust me, I know worse things can happen than missing toppings, but it still would have been nice to  have a little extra flavor!  We always have great experiences at El Toro, so maybe it was just a fluke?  We will give the restaurant the benefit of the doubt!  Besides, it just forced my hubby and I to spend more time together, it’s hard to complain about that!  After dinner we looked around the mall for a couple hours, but neither of us found anything we loved so we kept the money in our wallet.  However, we got out our card at Moochie & Co. so that Tebow could have a new toy.  Is he a spoiled puppy or what?  At least someone got something new!

Saturday we attended a wedding and Sunday was simply a rest day for me!  Tim went golfing and I did a few things around the house, then made a grocery run to Kroger, but besides that I simply napped on the couch and got caught up on a ‘Bar Rescue’ marathon on television.  Has anyone seen this show before?  It is basically just like ‘Restaurant Impossible’ on the Food Network, only making over the bar scene instead.  I watched one episode by myself and by the time Tim got home and showered, we settled into watching at least 5 more episodes.  We were hooked!

As you can see, what was missing was an 11 mile run.  It just wasn’t going to happen this weekend.  I have been going nonstop for months and I needed a total rest weekend away from the exercise.  Yes I missed running and how it helps me to clear my head, but my husband was right when he reminded me that it’s okay if I don’t want to run a day and I need to rest my mind and body.  I promised myself when I first started this training that I would take breaks when I needed to and would listen to my body.  This weekend was one of those times when I had to take a step back.  I ran 10 miles last weekend so I know I can finish my half-marathon, which is less than two weeks away now.  I have trained hard, but now it is important to not over-train as well.

I started my Monday off on a healthy, and yummy note, with a homemade breakfast filled with nutrients.





Fresh cut strawberries, two thin slices of sourdough bread, two eggs, and provolone cheese.  Delicious and filling!



What did you do this weekend?

Do you like makeover shows like ‘Restaurant Impossible’ or ‘Bar Rescue?’

Tell me what your work out was this weekend, or if you gave your body and mind a break instead!

13 thoughts on “Resting Weekend

  1. Saturday I did a squat workout that my boyfriend designed for me. Let’s just say my buns and thighs are super sore still. I took Sunday off to deal with some personal things. My mind and body both needed a day to decompress from a stressful week. Sometimes rest is necessary!

  2. I just did 6 miles on Friday. My half-marathon is this coming Saturday, so I don’t want to push it! On Saturday, we did a service project with our church … that was a lot more fun than working out! 😉

  3. I had fun hanging out with friends this weekend, relaxing, and reading! It was so nice not to have to do any work. I think it’s great that you listened to your body and didn’t run. I’ve been really trying to listen to mine as well, which is why today I decided to just stretch and do some ab work since my hip is hurting. Hope you’re having a great Monday!

  4. I actually wanted to get in a workout but it didn’t happen! I was busy busy busy all weekend and when I finally had a minute on Sunday afternoon, all I wanted to do was cuddle up on the couch with my husband! Good for you for listening to your body 🙂

  5. You will be totally fine without that run – if it feels like you need to cut back before the race, do it! The longest I ran before my first half was 10 miles, and I cut it off at 10 for my most recent one too, even though I had planned to do an 11- and 12-miler. The adrenaline will push you through!

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