Falling Back into Blogging

This past summer was one of the busiest ones to date. With work, family events, time with friends, vacations, and various activities, I had to realistically put something on the back burner in order to keep up with all the fun. Unfortunately, that sacrifice was blogging, reading other blogs I love, and time spent with my readers.  It was a hard decision, but the truth is that I wasn’t going to be able to give my writing the time, dedication, and thought it deserves.  If I am not proud of my work, I will not publish it.  Period.  So instead of breezing through my posts half-heartedly, I decided to give it a rest for a couple of months, see how the summer goes, and then hopefully pick right back up again where I left off.  Starting today, that is exactly what I plan on doing.

While I may not have blogged since June, it does not mean I have not thought about my little blog and its future.  I have a lot of ideas in my head and hopefully in a short time, I will be able to share some of those changes with all of you.  If you are still reading, I want you to know how much I appreciate each and every one of you and the loyalty you have given me and this site.  Of course, I blog because it is a fun hobby and acts as a creative outlet.  However, writing is what I love and I hope to one day make it my career.  This means that even though I may not blog quite as frequently as before, I want to put a lot of attention into my posts and treat each one as if it was a freelance project.  I figure that practice makes perfect, and I can use all of the experience I can get.

Before I dive head first into my regular posts,  I would like to share a few of the fun times I had this past summer with all of you.


Weddings – We actually attended three wedding this summer, two in June and one in August, and I have one more this coming weekend.




Baby Shower – My mom and I had the opportunity to throw a baby shower for one of our wonderful friends and her amazing daughter-in-law.  This same friend made my own Bridal Shower last September extra special, so I knew we had to return the favor in the same way.  (Look for a special posting on this event!)



Bachelorette Party –  I had two Bachelorette Parties to attend this summer, one in June and the last one in July.  The first one had her beautiful wedding in August, and the second one is getting married this weekend.  I am a bridesmaid, and she was one in my wedding, and I can’t wait to share in her special day!




Vacations – I went to Myrtle Beach in July with my whole family, just like we do every year.  I actually don’t have any pictures from that trip, but I do have a few from my Labor Day trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  This was my first time going and I had a blast staying in our beautiful cabin, and hiking Cade’s Cove to see the waterfall.





Cincinnati Reds Game – I went to two this summer.  One with my parents, and another with my office the day before.  Yes, two Reds games in two days.  Talk about a fun week!



Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney Concert – My brother got Tim and I tickets to this concert as our Christmas present last December.  It was 104 degrees on this hot July day, and it poured down the rain right in the middle of Tim McGraw’s set.  This was a blessing in disguise though, because it cooled down and made the rest of the concert that much more enjoyable than the beginning.



Ohio State Football Game – I went to the game this past Saturday with my dad.  OSU played Central Florida and won 31-16.  It was actually a great game with absolutely  beautiful weather.  It was quite exciting to see Urban Meyer on the sidelines too.  Being in that stadium always brings back some of my best memories from college.


Oh yes.. I also spent some quality time with this guy..


Graeter’s, a local ice cream shop offers Dogs Night Out the first Thursday of every month in the summer.  September was the last one of the year and we knew we had to take Tebow.  Let me tell you, we had one happy puppy on our hands and I think he thoroughly enjoyed his Frosty Paw treat.

So there is my summer!  As you can see, it was filled with a lot of events that provided amazing memories.  Now that the dog-days of summer are slowly coming to an end and fall is just around the corner, I am looking forward to more fun times that the cooler weather will bring.  Autumn has always been my favorite season and when the trees change colors and the crisp mornings begin, I am reminded of my time as a child and how my grandma would love this time of the year as well.  There is nothing like football season, pumpkin spice lattes, bonfires, apple picking, and wearing cozy sweaters and warm boots.  This year, fall is even more special because on October 8th, it will be my one year wedding anniversary.  So much to look forward to and I am excited to share it with all of you.


So please tell me, what did you do this summer?  Any fun vacations, awesome weddings, exciting sporting events, amazing concerts, or special time with your family?

26 thoughts on “Falling Back into Blogging

  1. Glad to see you’re back! Looks like you had an exciting and memorable summer!
    I had a lot of races this summer.
    And for weddings? I’ll also be attending a wedding this weekend. I think in this age group, there will be plenty of wedding showers, weddings, and baby showers… which I love! 😀

  2. Welcome back 🙂 It looks like you’ve had a great summer – lots of travels! My husband and I need to get to a Buckeye game this year (we live 2 miles from the stadium – it’s a bit unacceptable for two grads not to go to at least one home game!)

  3. I was so excited to see your little name pop up on my Reader 🙂 Welcome back, Jana! It sounds like you spent your time very wisely instead of being plopped behind a computer screen.

    However, I will say that I’m a little bitter that OSU beat UCF (my alma mater)! It’s on!

    (Actually I’m not really bitter at all. Our football team was horrible. Haha :D)

    • Aww! Thanks Brittany! 🙂 I am happy to be back and I am glad to see I still have a few readers, lol! Plus, you know I love reading your posts too!

      Sorry about that game! If it makes you feel better, UCF really played hard! It was a really close game for the first half. You should be proud! 🙂

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