It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Fall

Now that the summer months are starting to fade and fall is just about here, there are many things I always look forward to at this time every year .  I obviously love when the leaves begin to change colors to the burnt oranges and the crimson reds, and I definitely look forward to pulling out my cozy sweaters, comfy leggings and other fall inspired attire.  However, something else I look forward to is putting away those summer decorations I longed for back in June, in order to make room for all of my autumn decor.

I don’t have near as many fall boxes stored up in the attic as I do Christmas boxes, but I adore those fall items I do have just the same.  There are a few more decorations on my wish list that I hope to get this season, and also a few craft projects from Pinterest I would like to give a shot at creating.  But until then, I will enjoy what I do have and will continue to burn my Autumn Harvest candle every night until it’s replaced with Christmas Cookie .  Although the visual decorations help set the mood for the seasons, the smells of spicy cinnamon and sweet pumpkin can add to the entire experience.  I swear that sometimes I can burn my Pumpkin Patch candle, close my eyes, and picture myself as a kid playing in a big pile of leaves, going to football games on Friday nights, and roasting pumpkin seeds over the fire with my mom.

So even though it was a steamy 85 degrees yesterday, I guess you could say it is beginning to look a lot like fall, at least in my house.

Instead of a mason jar full of spring and summer flowers, in its place now is sweet smelling potpourri from Target. 


I also used bronze, gold, and champagne ornaments along the windowsill. Although ornaments are obviously associated with Christmas, I like to use ornaments that are the color of the corresponding season. For example, my fall decor is lots of oranges, gold, champagnes, etc, but my Christmas color scheme is filled with reds, whites, and silvers.


Along with the ornaments on the windowsill, if you look closely at the tree in the right corner, you can see I also hang the tiny ornaments from a tree I purchased at Home Goods that stays in the living room year round.


On the fireplace mantle are three wired, bronze candle holders.  I still need to get a candle for each, but that is on the wish list!  I actually bought these candle holders at Cracker Barrel with my mom last fall when we were on our way to Chicago.  I love Cracker Barrel for not only the food, (It has the best chicken and dumplings ever!), but they also have some amazing decorations if you take the time to search around the store.



In place of sunflower and corresponding green, yellow and orange checked towels, are brown, orange and yellow leaves on the hand towels from Crate and Barrel.



Instead of a dining room table filled with cheery flowers on the placemats, and bright yellow napkins folded into a ring, there is now a gold-champagne colored tablecloth, complete with matching napkins, both from Bed, Bath and Beyond.






So that’s what I have so far!  I am definitely a seasonal decorator, in which I love to coordinate my house to match with the season.  It definitely puts me in a good mood at a time when the realization hits that those long summer days we all love are almost over.



Do you enjoy decorating your house for the season?

What season is your favorite to decorate for?

Do you have any favorite decorations?  Perhaps with a story that makes it so memorable?

21 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Fall

  1. I love how you’ve added a bit of fall ‘flair’ to your home 🙂 We are painting the trim in our living room right now but after we finish I’m hoping to add some sunflowers and other little fall touches. LOVE FALL!

  2. Jana, you have such great taste in seasonal decor! I have a feeling that once I have a house of my own and a family to decorate for, I’ll be consulting you for help 😉

    • Ha ha! You are too sweet! Knowing you though, your house will be gorgeous and you won’t need my ideas! 😉 Seriously though, I think decorating the house is so fun! Sometimes I think I need a part-time job just so I can pay for all of my home decor.. lol!

  3. Your decorations look great!! I love seasonal decorations. When you bring them out of storage on an annual basis, it feels like you have just opened something brand new. I see you had those Bucks on your television screen!!! Go Bucks!!

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