Fresh Start for Monday

Happy Monday everyone!  If you haven’t noticed, I gave the blog a nice little makeover (or should I say ‘make under’) over the weekend.  I was starting to get bored with the old design and didn’t like how busy it looked.  I knew I wanted to make a few aesthetic changes to make my posts and navigating the site cleaner and easier.  When I came across the current theme design, I decided that it met my current expectations and was exactly what I was looking for at this time. 

Out with the old…


In with the new…


If you look at the top of the new homepage, you will see that all of the categories are easier to read.  Also, the ‘Create, Make, Eat, Yum!’ category now has a drop-down box that I am exited about having.


I have also re-organized the recipe pages by separating the recipes into more specific categories rather than just Breakfast/Dinner/Desserts/Side Dishes.


My hope is that it will now be easier to find recipes for the type of meal/ingredients of meal you are looking for.

Hope you like it!  Let me know your thoughts!  Are there any other categories or sections you would like to see?  I have thought about adding a ‘Positivity’ page with some of the posts that include stories and insights I have shared about pushing through struggles and living a healthy, happy life.  Would that be of interest to my readers?


This morning I thought I would share the great breakfast I made on my lazy Sunday morning.  I found Pumpkin Spice Protein Pancakes from  If you have never read Katie’s blog, you should definitely check it out.  I found it a few months ago and absolutely love it.  I have only made one other recipe from her website, but so far I am 2/2 for deliciousness.  If you want the recipe, head on over to Dashing Dish to check it out.  Believe me, after my last experience with protein pancakes, I was a little weary to tray again. However, I followed her recipe exactly and although they didn’t turn out looking as pretty as her original picture, they still turned out to be the perfect healthy breakfast for a cool, fall morning.










Have a great start to the week!



  • Let me know your thoughts on the blog updates.  Anything you like/don’t like, would like to see more of, etc?
  • What is your favorite go-to protein pancake recipe?  I am always looking for new ideas!  Feel free to link up, even if they are your own recipe!
  • What did you have this weekend for breakfast?  Anything delicious or special?
  • How do you like to freshen things up?  Whether it is your own blog, house, self, etc?  How do you get out of a rut?

20 thoughts on “Fresh Start for Monday

  1. It’s always nice to change up the blog 🙂 As for Katie’s site, I have been there before and have made the Superman Ice Cream (turned out delicious) and the Protein Pancakes! Need to try some more recipes from her site!

  2. Okay, so I have tried TWICE this week to make protein pancakes and they totally burn!! I’ve tried lower temps, higher temps, cooking spray, no cooking spray, thinner batter, thicker batter….UGH!!!! Any tips? Or do I just need a whole new stove?!

    • Ha ha oh my gosh Megan.. I totally understand your pain! If you remember my last protein pancake attempt, I ended up with more of a pancake scramble ha ha. I think I have found that Medium-Low heat, cooking spray and a thicker batter does wonders. Give the Pumpkin Spice Protein Pancakes a try though. Mine still aren’t perfect, but they are getting close! 🙂

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