WIAW: Pumpkin Pancake Breakfast

Yesterday while checking out twitter and browsing some of my favorite blogs, I came across a post that literally stopped me in my tracks.  After feeling a little down on Tuesday after such a weekend high, I visited Tina’s website for some uplifting inspiration.  Tina’s blog on Best Body Fitness always offers her readers insight into how to handle struggles, and ways to look at life in a positive way.  Well, yesterday’s post was emotional, honest, and had me in tears by the end of her story.  I was reminded once again how short life is, and that getting caught up in the little things can distract us from the big picture and what really matters. 

While making dinner last night, homemade sloppy joe’s, I accidentally knocked off my kitchen counter a glass bottle of extra virgin olive oil.  Needless to say, the expensive bottle shattered, and glass and olive oil went everywhere.  I could have, at that point, let my emotions get the best of me.  No one likes to clean up a mess at the end of a long day, much less greasy olive oil soaking into granite tile.  However, after reading Tina’s post earlier, I tried reminding myself to take a deep breath, take a step back, and approach the situation in a rational manner.  There are times when I certainly ‘cry over spilled milk,’ or spilled olive oil in this case.  As much as I want to always stay calm and cool, I know life doesn’t always happen in that way.  What’s important though is that we continue to work on being better versions of ourselves everyday, while staying appreciative and present in each moment.

Today’s WIAW documents my meals from Sunday.  Thanks Jenn for hosting! 


Peas and Crayons


Since Tim had to work Saturday morning, I mentioned in Monday’s post that we went to my ‘birthday breakfast’ on Sunday.  We left our house around 9 am, and after a 30 minute wait, we were seated and ready to eat.  I have been to The Original Pancake House a few times, but it has been at least a couple years since since the last time I went.  The food is fresh and the portions are huge, but luckily, we came with an appetite

Along with (multiple) hot cups of black coffee with a touch of cream, I had an order of egg whites scrambled with cheddar, thick-cut bacon, and broccoli.  (Sorry, no picture!  I thought I had taken one, but I must have forgotten).  However, the eggs were merely a side dish to my delicious Pumpkin Pancakes, which were topped with a light and fluffy whipped cream and served with a side of hot syrup.



These were by no means light, healthy, or even close to the nutritional value of the pumpkin protein pancakes that I love to make at home.  But these ladies and gentlemen…these pancakes were good for the soul!  They made my taste buds tingle and I enjoyed every perfect bite of pancake topped with a tiny dollop of cream and dipped into the warm, sticky syrup.  I ate about 1/3 of my eggs and two of the pancakes.  I took the rest home to enjoy for a special morning treat to have this week.

After breakfast, we headed to the grocery and had to make sure we were back home in time for the Broncos game at 1 pm.  Since we had such a big breakfast, we decided to just have a protein shake for an afternoon snack.  Sticking with the birthday theme, I made us a Cake Batter Protein Shake, (can you tell I love Katie’s recipes?)!



I split the recipe in half between Tim and I, and topped the shake with festive sprinkles.  So cute and delicious!

After the Broncos game, (yay for the win!), I worked on laundry while Tim did some more work outside.  Later in the day, I was watched some Christmas movies, more football, and took a tiny nap.  Tim made dinner for us, and since it was still nice out, he decided to grill out salmon and burgers.  Since I still haven’t been able to jump on the salmon bandwagon, a simple burger was the choice for me.

DSCN2593 I had a plain burger with mustard and ketchup on a whole wheat sandwich thin and a side of grilled broccoli.


I swear, dinner tastes even better when someone else makes it for you!

For a sweet treat later, I had two mini Reese cups, still leftover from Halloween.



  • What is a recent event in your life that reminded you to focus on your blessings?
  • Does anyone else seem to have ‘butter fingers’ in the kitchen?  Or, just me?  (I swear, I break a glass or spill something everyday!  Sunday I broke one of my good wine glasses, and then yesterday the olive oil!)
  • Is anyone else still working on your Halloween candy?
  • What is the best thing you ate this past week?

22 thoughts on “WIAW: Pumpkin Pancake Breakfast

  1. I think that’s so wonderful that decided to indulge in those unhealthy pancakes. I mean it’s your birthday, and balance is key right?? Happy belated birthday btw too ❤

  2. I read TIna’s post yesterday and was VERY touched as well by her honesty and perspective. It’s amazing how constantly we need to be reminded as humans that life is SO much more than the little characteristics we see day in and day out. That’s also a reason why it’s important for me to stay in the Word– without it, my though-process becomes so nutzo!

    Anyway, YUM to those pancakes! and YUM to those burgers! And don’t worry, one day I will make you some fantastic salmon that you will love 😉

    • I am glad her post touched your heart as well.. Isn’t it amazing how many reminders we do need about whats important? You think at this point it would just come naturally, but every moment of every day can definitely be a struggle! I agree with you, the Word puts things into perspective! 🙂

      I would love salmon if it was made by you! Ha ha someday we may have to make that happen!

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