Fashion Forward Pup

Is it just me, or is anyone else flabbergasted that next week is Thanksgiving?  I know the holiday falls a littler earlier in the month than in past years, but it really is mind blowing that Thanksgiving is here, soon it will be Christmas, and right around the corner from then is New Years 2013!  Where did 2012 go…?

With the year flying by, I find myself focusing on soaking up the next two months to the best of my ability.  Although my weekdays are pretty scheduled, weekends are a completely different story.  This Saturday I am looking forward to carrying over the girl time from last weekend, and spending time with a couple of other friends I missed seeing at my birthday.  Saturday morning the plan is to meet my friend Gretchen at Panera for a coffee, and then head over to the movie’s to see Twilight!  We figured a matinee would be less crowded during opening weekend and that’s why we plan on going so early.  I went with Gretchen to see Breaking Dawn Part 1, so it is only fitting that we see Part 2 together as well.  Her birthday was November 8th and we always have a little celebration together every year.  In our minds, Coffee + Twilight = Party!

To continue with the birthday celebrations, later in the day I am getting a manicure and pedicure with another November birthday girl, my friend Meghan.  I am blessed to have such great girlfriends who year after year I can depend on to celebrate getting older right along with me!  I’ll tell you, nothing beats good friends!

I am also hoping (as usual) to get some work done around the house, including helping to finish ‘winterizing’ the landscape outside, and also going to Home Depot to gather ideas and possibly buy some supplies for a few home improvement projects.  We will see!  Also on the agenda?  A 5 mile run (it’s almost the Turkey Trot!) and some good cooking in the kitchen, can’t wait!

Speaking of cooking, today I want to share with all of you some of the meals I have been making and enjoying this past week. (With the time change that took place a couple weeks ago, I am finding it much harder to take quality pictures.  By the time I start making dinner the sun is starting to set, and by the time I finish, it is pitch black outside.  Great for sleeping, not so good for snapshots.  Hang in there as I try and get better with my photography!)

A huge pot of Vegetable Stew, filled with potatoes, mushrooms, carrots, leeks, celery, etc.




This slow cooker meal of New Orleans Red Beans and Rice was absolutely amazing.  The only thing I like more than an easy slow cooker meal, is a slow cooker meal that knocks your socks off when you finally get to take a bite.  This meal was flavorful and easy to put together, especially since I didn’t have to brown any meat in a pan before throwing ingredients into the pot.


The only changes I made to the recipe to make the dish lighter were:

  • Turkey Sausage instead of Andouille Sausage
  • Brown Rice instead of White Rice
  • Cajun Seasoning instead of Creole Seasoning (This is because cajun was all I had…The replacement worked perfect though and seemed to add a ton of flavor!)




Homemade Sloppy Joe’s were also on the menu this week.  This recipe was another that was easy to put together, and you may even have the ingredients on hand already.  They tasted like the ‘Manwich’ sloppy joe I would have sometimes as a kid, but the sauce was a less thick and syrup-like consistency, and also not as sweet and sugary, which I really liked.  I served mine on a plate, and Tim’s on a thick, whole wheat bun, topped with provolone, alongside a roasted butternut squash.





To finish out today’s post, I want to leave you all with a little cuteness.  My childhood dog, Lucky, who passed away in the spring, always wore a red sweater after her surgery last fall.  We decided to keep the sweater tradition alive and let Tebow wear it to stay warm this winter when playing outside.  With the cool temperatures, we decided to test it out and boy, oh boy…I may be be biased, but I sure do think our little guy looked adorable!  He is a fashion diva, and a natural at modeling.. don’t you think? 🙂




Have a great Friday!

Questions for You:

  • Are you a Twilight fan?  If so, are you going to see the movie this weekend?
  • What recipes have you made this week that you loved?
  • What are your plans this weekend?
  • Who else thinks 2012 has flown by?!

13 thoughts on “Fashion Forward Pup

  1. I have the same plans for tomorrow morning. My friend is meeting me at the Cup O Joe and then heading next door to the movie theater to see Twilight 🙂 We felt the same way about beating crowds! Hope you enjoy it!

  2. The Teb looks very festive in Miss Lucky’s snowflake sweater. He certainly wears it proud!!!! Great stew this week and the sloppy joes look amazing!!! Makes me hungry!!!

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